18 March, 2006


This has sent shock waves (literally) to all the computer personals in the Security Field...
Gosh, 3 ppl have found out a method by which a virus can spread to middle ware based app's
using RFID tags...
You know what that means? It means that we can use that for a whole range of malpractice!!
Just to give you the glimpse of it...and its real danger
What if a person uses that RFID tag in an airport to by-pass the scanning of the luggages done there? It can mess with that system and pass through un-detected!
This really really scares me now....

Here is the link to that topic in technews :


And here is that actual paper that was submitted


Virus codes have gone to the next level....!! wonder where they will go next?
perhaps some neurological virus or something that will alter the human brain :D
but i dont see that comming for a long long time..the only virus i can think of now is that dreaded bird flu!


Blogger Excited 2 B Alive said...

hmmmm... i never knew u were this tech savvy until i read ur blogs

11:26 AM  

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